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Argor-Aljba welcomes (by its own way) HiPIMS

Argor-Aljba, already equipped with arc PVD deposition technologies, filtered arc PVD (patented), PVD sputtering and PACVD, has recently introduced a new coating technology that integrates PACVD with HiPIMS.

This integration, developed in collaboration with Hauzer technicians on Argor-Aljba specifications, allows us to expand the proposal range of coatings, to increase flexibility in production and to offer customers a product with higher wear resistance. Contact us for more information.


EPHJ 2021: Argor-Aljba launches the new colors of the ta-C DLC

On the occasion of the EPHJ fair, held in Geneva from 14 to 17 September 2021, we introduced two new ta-C DLC coatings:

- DLC bleu 84

- DLC arc en ciel 32

We were very satisfied with the interest aroused among the visitors; developed by our R&D department, the two coatings will soon be introduced on the market.

Furthermore, we found that next to our traditional watchmaking and micromechanical customers, some companies active in medtech have shown lot of interest.

We wish to thank all customers and visitors who came to visit us.


The ta-C DLC Argor Tool family

Argor-Aljba has increased the range of ta-C DLC coatings by introducing the "Argor Tool" family, specially developed to offer its customers an advantageous price/performance ratio. The coatings belonging to the Argor-Tool family, called dialong®-R, dialong®-G, dialong®-T, are deposited with the arc PVD technology patented by Argor-Aljba and are mainly dedicated to the sector of tools for processing non-ferrous materials.

Contact us for more information


Low friction coating

It is estimated that 20% of all energy produced is used to overcome friction, mainly in industry and transport. The interaction between two surfaces generates friction which causes loss of energy and can also damage the surface itself. Lubricating oils help to decrease the friction coefficient but represent an environmental risk in their own right. A low friction PVD coating, especially a diamond-like carbon coating (DLC), is an excellent solution.


6 reasons to choose watches with Dianoir® coatings

1. Extreme scratch resistance

Nobody wants scratches on the watch. Both on the glass and on the case. Stainless steel and titanium can be subjected to scratching when exposed to other harder metals. The harder the case material is, the more scratch resistant the watch is. For this reason, Dianoir® coated watch components are extremely hard and therefore more scratch resistant than other PVD coatings.

2. High abrasion and wear resistance

Watch cases coated with Dianoir® have a longer life. Thanks to the hardness of the DLC coating, accidental intrusion of hard particles or damage is almost impossible. The dial and the movement components (also covered in Dianoir®) are also protected by the robustness of the DLC.

3. Comfortable fit

The smooth surface of the Dianoir® coating ensures a comfortable feeling on the wrist. The smoothness of the shell is also perceived on the skin and is enhanced by the Dianoir® coating.

4. Excellent biocompatibility

In addition to its good mechanical features, Dianoir® is 100% biocompatible. Dianoir® coatings do not contain allergenic metals and additionally serve as protection against the content of nickel.

5. Excellent heating resistance

The Dianoir®, Dianoir®G2, Dianoir®G3 and Dianoir®G4 coatings optimize the high temperature resistance (up to 500 ° C) of the stainless steel and titanium case.

6. Unique aesthetics

In addition to its exceptional protective qualities, each watch with Dianoir® coating can be recognized by its particularly elegant and aesthetic appearance. For a deep black finishing choose Dianoir®G2 suitable for every occasion and every style of clothing. The perfect combination of sophisticated technology and aesthetics.


EMO 2021: the importance of meeting

The participation at EMO 2021 was definitely appreciated by customers who had the opportunity to touch at first-hand the quality of our ta-C DLC coatings.

It has also been an opportunity to launch our PACVD + HiPIMS combined deposition technology and to discuss the needs and trends of the ta-C DLC coatings market with our customers and suppliers.

Argor-Aljba is ready to support the increasing demand for ta-C DLC coatings both in the industrial and aesthetic/functional fields.


ta-C DLC: a technical success story

Environmental regulations, the medical and luxury sectors pose new technical challenges in material processing and in the aesthetic and functional coating of finished components, which the latest ta-C-DLC coatings, which are produced with the patented dropless® technology, have effectively solved.


Ceramic coated in Dropless® 7000

We push the performance of ceramic tools higher


looking for NEW BLACK?

looking for NEW BLACK?
Black is always trending, let’s enhance our intense black coating: DLC dianoir® G4.
Black is not just a colour, it represents elegance and beauty which is particularly requested for watches, jewelry, high-end accessories of fashion industry.
Consequently, the dianoir® G4 DLC
As result, the DLC dianoir® G4 is particularly suitable for watchmaking components and metal accessories. It guarantees:
• excellent adhesion stainless steel and titanium alloys
• extremely compact coating layer and homogeneous black colour
• decorative and functional coating with remarkable resistance against abrasion and scratches
In addition to the above-mentioned features, this coating has optimal properties thanks to non-toxic process and biological compatibility in contact with human skin.
Environmental friendly
• the dianoir® G4 coating process is environmental friendly
• it uses zero-esavalent chromium and does not produce harmful waste
• the dianoir® G4 coating process does not waste heavy metals in wastewater and processing, with a marked improvement also on the health of workers and the environment
• A fantastic advantage that translates into a valid and economical green production
We work together with our customers to develop coatings for even the most challenging requirements.


Argor aDLC improves the life of cutting punches, centring devices and ejectors


The success of C35: new development of Swiss-PVD-Coating AG

C35 PVD coating represents a technical alternative to several DLC coatings in particular applications.


We are proud to collaborate with Swiss-PVD-Coating AG and we would like to introduce this new development of Swiss-PVD-Coating AG, using HDP technology (High-Density Plasma).

One of the most important advantage of this coating is its hardness; C35 is a Cr-based hard coating, with very fine microstructure, extremely compact and characterized by a high microhardness between 35 and 40 GPa.

Furthermore, C35 is also very well-suited in the processing of special metals such as copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver, galvanised or tin-plated sheet.

The C35 coating is very easy to polish which leads to an extremely smooth surface and excellent results in a variety of applications.

Due to its low chemical affinity as well as its smooth surface, C35 shows excellent results in applications where cold soldering and smearing are dominant on wear mechanisms and where anti-sticking properties are needed.

Thanks to its anti-corrosion properties, the C35 coating is successfully used in the following sectors: food industry, aviation, mobility and motor sport.

These are some of the most relevant features of this coating, we kindly invite you to contact us to find out more about this Next Level Coating!


Thank you for your participation – AMB exhibition Septmber 2022


Save the date! Première Vision Paris 7-9 february 2023

We can't wait to take part to it!

We are thrilled to announce our first participation in the upcoming edition of Première Vision Paris.


Come and meet us from 7 to 9 February at Parc Expositions Paris Nord in Villepinte

- Hall 4 Accessories - Stand Nr. 4G62