dialong®-R is the ta-C DLC coating deposited with a temperature below 100 °C with a standard thickness <0.5 µm. The dialong®-R coating has a sp3 percentage (typical of natural diamond) of about 75% and a hardness of about 44 GPa (4500 HV). With dialong®-R the client comes into the world ta-C DLC of Argor-Aljba and appreciates its performance in milling, boring, drilling operations.

With dialong®-R tools with diameters up to 200 mm and lengths up to approx. 500 mm can be coated.


VDI abbreviation ta-C
Process PVD Arc
Structure Amorphous
sp3 fraction [%] 75
Color Blue rainbow
Thickness < 0,5 µm
Max. operating temperature [°C] 500
Hardness [GPa] 38
Friction coefficient 0.1

All provided data are approximate values, depend on the application, environment and test conditions. Coating hardness HIT [GPa] measured by nano indentation according to ISO 14577. Hardness can be adapted to the application. Friction coefficient (dry) compared to the steel determined by ball-on-disc dry test with a steel sphere according to ASTM G99. During the running-in the indicated values may be exceeded. Maximum service temperature [° C] These are approximate values.

High hardness: protection against abrasive wear, longer tool life, lower production costs.
High thermal stability up to 500 ° C: possibility of MQL and dry processing.
Protection against adhesive wear: longer tool life and better quality of the processed component.
dialong®-R has proven effective on cutting tools for milling, drilling and boring of non-ferrous materials such as:
- aluminum alloys up to 8% of Si
- some composite materials
- PMMA, epoxy resins