The DLC coatings of the Argor Mec family are dedicated to components that will be installed on plants, equipment, machinery. The coating technologies used guarantee consistency of performance and durability over time.

The products of Argor Mec


WC/C coating

The WC/C coating offers:
- decrease of the friction coefficient 
- improvement against scratches and pitting
- wide application field in tapping tools

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Nitrocarbo coating

The Nitrocarbo coating guarantees:
- decrease of the friction coefficient thanks to the final layer in DLC
- greater resistance under load of the mechanical components
- protection against adhesion wear

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Argor a-C

Argor a-C coating

The Argor a-C coating guarantees:
- optimal combination of high hardness, low friction and low roughness
- percentage of tetrahedral bonds up to 40% to increase resistance to abrasive wear
- amorphous carbon free of hydrogen and therefore very stable 

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Argor aDLC

Argor aDLC coating

Argor aDLC coating is used in many industries:
- mechanic
- medical/dental
- pumps and compressors

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