dianoir® G2, deposited with a double process (ta-C + a-C), is a very homogeneous coating specially developed to highlight the aestethical features of the coated component. dianoir® G2 has a greater thickness of the standard of conventional ta-C coatings and it is highly appreciated for its resistance over time and UV rays.

dianoir® G2

VDI abbreviation ta-C + a-C
Process PVD Arc
Structure Amorphous
sp3 fraction [%] 40
Color Black-grey
Thickness 2 µm
Max. operating temperature [°C] 500
Hardness [GPa] 9-19
Friction coefficient 0.15

All provided data are approximate values, depend on the application, environment and test conditions. Coating hardness HIT [GPa] measured by nano indentation according to ISO 14577. Hardness can be adapted to the application. Friction coefficient (dry) compared to the steel determined by ball-on-disc dry test with a steel sphere according to ASTM G99. During the running-in the indicated values may be exceeded. Maximum service temperature [° C] These are approximate values.

dianoir®G2, particularly suitable for watchmaking components, has the following advantages:
- excellent adhesion on components in brass, stainless steel and titanium alloys
homogeneous black color
- non-toxic process and biocompatibility are optimal properties for the use of dianoir®G2 in contact with the human skin
- resistance to corrosion and UV rays