Argor Elite represents the Argor-Aljba success story in the watch and jewellery sector. Artisan attention to results, continuous dialogue with customers, and the many possible customisations of Argor Elite DLC coatings inspire creativity, imagination, and challenges towards innovative and excellent colour and technical performance

The products of Argor Elite


Superior wear

With dianoir® we offer the watch and jewellery industry the solution for decorative and technical applications.

dianoir® is the solution for decorative and technical applications in the watchmaking and jewellery industry.
For many years, we have been suppliers to renowned Swiss watchmaking and jewellery companies in Italy and France.

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dianoir® G2

Special coating
that enhances 
the colour black.


dianoir® G2 is the DLC coating that enhances the colour black characteristics, guaranteeing stability and durability, and is 100% REACH-compliant.

dianoir® G2 is the DLC (ta-C + a-C) solution for customers who want a blacker DLC coating than dianoir®. dianoir® G2 enhances the colour characteristics of polished surfaces and is very popular in the watchmaking industry.

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Argor Elite

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