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Argor-Aljba’s two product lines are diamond like coatings (DLC) that are based on pure carbon. Due to their tetrahedral structure they acquire the properties of a diamond. The quota of the sp3-configured carbon lies around 80-95%, which is the reason for the high quota of diamond structure.
Furthermore, due to its procedure, Argor-Aljba’s coatings are completely free of hydrogen. The thereby obtained structure endows the coatings with the following properties:

  • Extreme hardness of about 5’300 HV (twice as hard as other DLC layers)
  • Utmost wear resistance (around two times compared to other DLC layers)
  • Very low friction coefficient
  • Perfect adherence, thanks to a special intermediate layer
  • 100% biological compatibility
  • Chemical stability and corrosion resistance

Through their properties Argor-Aljba coatings clearly stand out compared to conventional coatings: considerably reduced friction and extreme hardness, the performance and life span of tools and components are increased by many times as well.

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