New DLC coating technology: dialong®dropless®

The patented dropless® technology is the latest and pioneering development from Argor-Aljba. The dialong layer produced with the new dropless® technology brings the following performance improvements:

  • Even higher diamond content in the DLC (sp3> 90%)
  • Hardness up to 7000 HV
  • A reduction of the droplets and thus an improvement in the surface roughness values
  • An extremely dense layer and it provides a better protection against corrosion of the base material.

The new dropless® technology can be used for all technical applications where the layer dialong® achieves good results.
With well-known customers has been demonstrated in long-term studies that dialong dropless layer had an increase in tool life by 75% compared to the standard dialong layer.

Test whether the dropless technology for your application brings even better performance and let yourself be convinced of the benefits.

Image: A milling cutter coated with dialong®dropless® technology. We see the high diamond content! The normally black DLC layers become by dropless® technology transparent (rainbow colors).