Informazioni generali sul Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC)

The following pyramid explains the different forms of appearance of graphite and therefore also its properties in the world of coatings:

sp2 -configured carbon is a black and very soft material. The greater the quotas of this form of carbon, the softer the layer. This combination is usually found amongst the amorphous carbon layers produced with the conventional sputter process.

Polymer-CH: Through the CVD process, hydrogen is incorporated into the carbon layer. However, this reduces the hardness of the layer and entails very low application temperatures.

sp3 – configured carbon is pure diamond – famous for its extreme hardness.

Layers produced through the Argor-Aljba arc PVD process possess a great proportion of diamond structure and are therefore particularly hard. The remaining residual quota of graphite improves the gliding properties of the layer: The optimal solution in the domain of carbon layers with almost unlimited application possibilities



piramide dlc