R&D diamond like carbon

The focus of Argor-Aljba is the production and the development of high-tech coatings. The successful launch of the two coating lines dianoir® and dialong ®, represented an important breakthrough of its market activity. The result of its decade of scientific research within the realm of extremely thin and high performance coatings is a unique patented filtered arc PVD process for the deposition of DLC coatings (Diamond-Like-Coating). It‘s a solution for industrial and aesthetical applications of exceptional hardness within the field of DLC-Coatings and is employed to protect surfaces from wear and to reduce friction.
Today, Argor-Aljba is a fast growing company, serving the high demand for innovative new coatings for different industries and numerous applications.

The customer benefit in the industry

Continuing increase in productivity, higher flexibility and the pressure to reduce create a strong demand on producers, machine tool builders as well as tool manufacturers to search for improvements of geometries, materials and innovative coatings.
The application of dialong® as a coating solution of processing tools for non-ferrous materials is a possibility to hold the pace with this development.
The reduction of lubrication solvents, wear protection or saving of material come to the fore in many mechanical applications. Be it gearbox construction parts, fuel injectors (injection nozzle) or parts of watch movements – the use of dialong® grants wear parts a much longer lifetime. This leads to higher availability of the system.

Our solution for watches and jewellery

Highest aesthetical requirements combined with superior properties regarding scratch and wear resistance: the black-anthracite dianoir® coating meets already today all pre-conditions for the application on products of first-class Swiss watch and jewellery manufacturers.
After years of experience and with the support of our specialists, we can assist customers in selecting the best coating solution for its specific application.
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