Wear protection, saving of material and the reduction of lubrication solvents, come to the fore in many mechanical applications. Be it parts of watch movements or gearbox construction parts:
The use of dianoir® allows new solutions for precision components – especially in the watch industry:

  • The extremely thin layers, possibly in the range of nanometers, allow highly precise construction methods with simultaneous protection against wear.
  • Coated components under high load show a clear increase of performance.
  • The high wear resistance increases the lifespan of components and therefore cuts down maintenance costs.
  • An extremely low friction coefficient allows the replacement of lubricants.

Argor-Aljba detains broad experience in coating precision components of the most diverse materials (brass, steel, hard metals, precious metals, sapphires etc.) and construction parts (wheels, anchors, mainsprings, barrels, ratchet wheels, quadrants etc.).

Test results confirm the superior properties of dianoir®.

For dark components: new dianoir®G2