With dianoir® we offer the watch and jewellery industry a solution for decorative and tecnical applications.

  • Highest aesthetical requirements combined with superior properties regarding scratch and wear resistance:
  • The decorative black-anthracite color creates optimal pre-conditions for aesthetical applications.
  • The corrosion and high wear resistance of dianoir® allows the use in challenging environmental conditions.
  • The nontoxic process and the biological compatibility are optimal properties for the use of dianoir® on products that are in continuous human contact.
  • A special intermediate layer grants an extraordinary strong adherence.
  • 100% Swiss Made: dianoir® is made completely in Switzerland with a patented swiss coating process.


Argor-Aljba is already supplier of well-known houses of the Swiss watch industry and holds broad experience in the coating of “carrures”, “lunettes”, “fonds”, “boucles”, and precision components etc.
The superior properties of dianoir® were already confirmed by standard watch maker quality tests carried out by accredited Swiss Laboratories:


table dianoir

Precisions components

Argor-Aljba detains broad experience in coating precision components of the most diverse materials (brass, steel, hard metals, precious metals, sapphires etc.) and construction parts (wheels, anchors, mainsprings, barrels, ratchet wheels, quadrants etc.).

nero dianoir g2
Dark dianoir®G2
For precision components in watch movements we developped an especially dark coating