Since 1995 Argor-Heraeus SA has been collaborating with a Russian partner on research and development of a technology of protection coatings (protection against friction and abrasion) for tools, precision instruments and decorative components.

Seeing the positive response to these developments, the joint-venture partnership was legalized by the constitution of a new company: ARGOR-ALJBA SA.

The result of its decade of scientific research within the realm of extremely thin and high performance coatings is a unique patented filtered arc PVD process for the deposition of DLC coatings (Diamond-Like-Carbon). It‘s a solution for industrial and aesthetical applications of exceptional hardness within the field of DLC-Coatings and is employed to protect surfaces from wear and to reduce friction. Today, Argor-Aljba is a fast growing company, serving the high demand for innovative new coatings for different industries and numerous applications. After years of experience and with the support of our specialists, we can assist customers in selecting the best coating solution for its specific application.